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The product I'm looking for is out of stock, what should I do?

If the product you are looking for is out of stock, go to the part’s page, click on the desired size and enter your email so we can notify you when there is a replacement. We do not have warranty and replacement terms for any product on the site.

Credit Card: approval period of up to 72 working hours.

When the order is in the “Awaiting Payment” status, it means that we have not yet identified payment for the purchase made. In this way, the order is awaiting confirmation from the bank.
Credit Card: in cases of payment via credit card, we attempt to capture up to 24 hours with our acquirer; failure to capture the purchase amount on the customer’s card can occur due to:
– Lack of limit;
– Card security lock;
– Profile of the buyer in the bank;
– Error in inserting data;
– Between others.
Then, the intermediary immediately tries to recover this sale by offering the buyer other forms of payment. Meanwhile, the status is “Awaiting Payment”.
Debit Card/Bank: for purchases made via debit or EFT, confirmation is sent by the bank issuing the payment within a period of up to 5 business days. Once we receive the payment notification, your status is updated to “paid”. Meanwhile, the status is “Awaiting Payment”.

If your order placed via Credit Card has been cancelled, it means that it has been disapproved. The reasons for disapproving requests are internal and not forwarded. However, we advise you to check the following data at the time of purchase before reordering:
– It is important that the credit card belongs to the registration holder;
– Check the address registered for delivery (ex: Street, number, complement, zip code, among others);
– The security code needs to be entered exactly as it appears on your card;
– Enter the name of the cardholder in the corresponding field, exactly as it is written on your card (eg José da Silva);
– Inform a valid contact telephone number (preferably inform a landline and cell phone);
– Do not allow a third party to use your personal and credit details to complete your order;
– Only cards issued in Brazil are accepted.
That is, the disapproval may have occurred due to one of these differences! But that may not be the reason for the disapproval. We advise you to reorder or negotiate with the service another payment method to complete your order. If you make a new request, it will also undergo the same analyses, and may or may not be approved.
The reversal in the invoice may take up to 5 business days to be registered by the issuing bank and, if the closing of your invoice has already occurred, the credit will be made in the next invoice.
If you have any questions regarding the reversal, we advise you to contact your card issuing bank directly, bearing in mind that this is a procedure of the credit card acquirer and the issuing bank, both of which are responsible for regularizing the entries within the deadlines by they established.

After completing your purchase, all information about the order is available in your account on the website, including tracking the carrier!
The status “In Preparation (Invoiced – Invoice issued; Order Prepared for shipment)” means that your order has been invoiced and its tracking issued, now just wait for the postage to be made within 48 hours. If the tracking appears as “Waiting for posting by the sender”, just wait for the posted deadline that will soon be available to locate it. In case of doubt, consult our service.

You can check delivery times by simulating a purchase with your zip code on the website. If you have already completed a purchase, the delivery time for your package is available for consultation in your account on the site. It only starts to count after posting to the shipping carrier. Follow the status change of your order or, in case of doubts, consult our customer service.

Possible reasons for delay in delivery are:
– Delivery address registered on the incorrect or incomplete website;
– Absence of the customer at the address registered on the website;
– Address change;
– Unexpected occurrences that overlap our operation, such as postal or general strikes, natural accidents and/or any event of major force;

First, check if your order has already been properly approved, invoiced and past the separation and preparation period for shipment.
Make sure that you have consulted your order in your account on the website, review the delivery time and your posting date.
If the order has exceeded the preparation time after approval, check your e-mail, junk and spam folders. It may be that something unforeseen happened with the package and we need to contact you there.
If your order has already been posted to the carrier and the delivery time set by them has passed, please contact us so that it is possible to open a claim with the company responsible for the delivery. We work with outsourced deliveries, such as Correios and other carriers, therefore, in case of theft or loss by third parties, we are responsible for reimbursement or availability of shopping vouchers on our website.

It is not possible to exchange, add or delete items and change data after completing your purchase. If you made the purchase by bank slip and still haven’t made the payment, redo the order choosing the desired item or corrected data. If your purchase has already been approved for payment, but has not yet been dispatched and is still in “separated” status, you can request a cancellation and refund by contacting us!
If it is still possible to cancel the order, we can provide a credit on the website with the purchase price so that you can buy again and not have to pay a new ticket or wait for the credit card limit to be refunded, so it is faster and easier to redo the order. request, right? Say hello to us through the service.

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